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Digital producer, developer, designer, business starter and operator, community organizer

What I'm learning now

Kitchens, how do they work?

What I learned about the world the last 35 years


What I learned about the internets the last 20+ years

ES6, ReactJS, React Native, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, HapiJS, Restify, Python, Django, Flask, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Foundation, Postgresql, MySQL, Redis, AMPQ, MongoDB, NoSQL, REST API, JSON Web Token, GIS, GIT, SSH, Heroku, Azure, Bluemix, Cpanel, Shopify development, WordPress development, SSH, PubSub, WebSockets, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Figma, Sketch, Flinto, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, Marketo Munchkin, Facebook Ad Pixel, Instagram Ads

What I learned about entrepreneurship the last 5 years

Keep going keep going keep going

What I want this year

Rebuild my motorcycle, korean fluency, neon glass bending, play through Fallout 4

Internet presence

Github, Glitch, Kaggle, AngelList, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Product Hunt, Medium, Slides, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Gmail, Skype, Telegram, Coinbase, Square Cash, PayPal Me

Work presence

TEAMLASERBEAM - We build apps and stuff

Side hustles

AR World - Everything reality

3 weeks mvp - Startups in a can

Quinzee Jones - On demand ice

Organized communities

At over 20k users, the largest Python Flask users community

At over 3500 users, one of the largest Chatbots users community

At over 4500 users, one of the largest on demand digital service providers


Shirts.io - I learned to build API stuff

Google - I learned to operate people & technology stuff

AppMakr - I learned to growth hack stuff

Valleywag - I learned to write stuff

Apple - I learned to care about stuff

USMC - I learned to build and blow up stuff

Yahoo! - I was a barista


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One mans laughter - Silicon valley life in pixels

30DAYJETSET - 84 flights to 42 cities in 30 days